Whether it’s taking responsibility for your actions or recognizing that sometimes other people’s needs are greater than your own, the stories in Things My Mama Said offer up some very profound insight in what some may find rather unorthodox ways, but it worked.


These twenty tales, as told by author and life coach Tanya J. Miller about her own mother, will ultimately challenge you to be a better, wiser, and stronger person.


Titles like “A Hard Head Makes a Soft Behind,” “Tell Me One More Time Something Ain’t Fair,” and “You Can’t Beat God’s Giving No Matter How Hard You Try” reveal a brilliant, clever, and outspoken parent who teaches her children about life before life does the teaching.


Whether shopping at the mall or watching television in the den, Miller’s mother makes sure her kids think for themselves and understand that in life there are no shortcuts, handouts, or excuses.


For fans of T. D. Jakes, Joyce Meyers, and Steve Harvey, these true accounts about a strong woman who lives out what she preaches will fill you with both wisdom and laughter.

Things My Mama Said